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Parent Support


The school follows Redbridge Council’s Admission Policy. Admissions to all schools throughout the borough are organised centrally from the Pupils Admissions Section, Education Department. Nursery admissions are processed through the school.


It is very important for all children to attend school everyday and arrive on time. It is also essential that your child is collected promptly at the end of each day and that you contact the school if arrangements change. If they are not collected by 4pm and we have had no explanation of the reason then we are required to phone Social Services.

The school monitors each child's pattern of attendance and the education welfare officer will work with families whose child's attendance or punctuality is of concern.


Your child may be at risk of being removed from roll if they do not attend school. Any unauthorised absences may result in a penalty notice being issued.


Should parents wish to make a complaint, leaflets are available at the school, Education offices and other Council offices.


Talk to the teacher concerned. If the matter is not resolved
Ask to see the phase leader or member of leadership, if the issue is not resolved
Make an appointment to see the Deputy or Head If you are still not satisfied your complaint has not been dealt with
Refer to Stage 2 of the 'Complaints Policy'


We try to give parents/carers as much information as possible about the school organisation and about individual children.

This is done in the following ways:
Regular newsletters, Parent’s Evenings, Information Meetings, School Council, Website, Parent’s Notice board, and informal discussions with staff.



Neither the school nor the L.A. (Local Authority for Redbridge) can accept responsibility for the personal property of children. Please make sure your child does not bring valuables to school.


Items are retained in school for half a term. Lost property boxes are situated in the school buildings. Clothing should be clearly marked with the child’s name.


Our school has very high expectations of behaviour and we achieve this through a positive praise approach with our Golden Rules.

Our code of conduct has a clear system for rewards and consequences.

We ask that all parents/carers support us by reinforcing our school rules and Behaviour Policy.





At Aldersbrook Primary School, we recognise the uniqueness of every individual and the contribution that each individual brings to our school community. Children with disabilities and special educational needs apply for admission in the usual way. We have developed an Accessibility Plan to help us organise the building and our practice to address the needs of our pupils. This will involve consideration of many aspects of accessibility, including those with learning difficulties, physical disabilities or emotional/behaviour difficulties. A copy of our Accessibility Plan can be obtained from the school.

Governors strongly support inclusive education. This is where all pupils are educated together and support is given for any need they may have.


The staff and governors are committed to ensuring that all children and adults at Aldersbrook are given equal access to equal opportunities.

All policies are available on request from the school office.