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At Aldersbrook writing is engaging and purposeful so that all pupils feel involved and confident in every lesson and all the skills they are learning. Our quality text based approach, to the teaching of writing, will inspire children to be curious about different text types, writing forms and the work of different types of writers. We want to produce lifelong readers and writers and encourage them to have the independence to explore the world of literature and develop their own knowledge and skills.

The writing curriculum at Aldersbrook builds on previous knowledge and skills, allowing children to revisit different writing forms in order to increase understanding and allow them to feel confident about developing their own writing. The knowledge and skills that we teach are taken from the National Curriculum and allocated into year group objectives which build on previous learning and best prepare children to progress to the next step. Teachers have access to and are encouraged to use progression documents for writing, vocabulary, grammar, punctuation and spelling to: assess children’s ability; identify gaps in learning; ensure appropriate curriculum coverage and delivery of a breadth of study to ensure children are given the best chance of progressing.

At Aldersbrook we identify quality, engaging texts that are best suited to the teaching of the knowledge and skills in writing that need to be taught in each year group. We encourage children to read widely around the specific text we are learning in class. This is done by identifying other similar texts, other texts by the same author and related non-fiction texts for each of genres, text types or writing forms we are working on. These are then put on display for children to access or a list is displayed so that children can be independent in seeking out these texts in the wider world.

Themed days & Educational Visits/Visitors

Year 6 - Writing Residential