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Pupil Leadership

School Parliament

The Aldersbrook School Parliament is the embodiment of pupil leadership, actively engaging in initiatives that align with our school's vision of "learning and leading." It serves as a platform for pupils to voice their opinions, address concerns, and propose ideas to make our school exceptional.

Members of the school parliament play a key role in decision-making processes, contributing to the democratic ethos of our school. Through regular meetings and collaboration with staff and peers, they champion initiatives that reflect British values such as democracy, individual liberty, and mutual respect. This not only instils a sense of responsibility among our pupils but also fosters an environment that values diverse perspectives.

Aldersbrook School Parliament directly supports our vision of "learning and leading" by providing pupils with practical experience in leadership. In essence, the Aldersbrook School Parliament serves as a living example of pupil leadership, connecting the principles of British values to our overarching vision of learning and leading within the school community.

"Interviewing the new Deputy Headteacher made me feel like I was making a real change at our school. I appreciate how much trust our teachers have in members of the school parliament."
Zaeem (Year 6)