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PTA Events

Our Events

Some events, like the discos, need little explanation.  But others might be less clear; and these are explained here.

Our two most significant fundraising events are the Winter Trail and the Summer Fair.  These events also require the most volunteers so if you’re thinking about giving your time to an event, these are the two to shoot for!

We have a raffle and silent auction at both the Winter Trail and Summer Fair.  These raise a lot of money each time but rely on the donations of families and friends.  The most sought after prizes are experiences or hard to come by memorabilia such as signed football shirts etc. We know we have a parent body with hugely varied roles and connections, so if you can help us gather great donations, please let us know!

Winter Trail (December)

Our Winter Trail is our alternative to a Christmas Fair and makes good use of our wonderful Wanstead Park. It is one our two biggest fundraising events in the year (along with the summer fair)

Families buy a map from the school and follow the coordinates/ trail through the park to find reindeer, dodging snowball throwing elves as they go. The trail ends at school where we have a bar serving hot and cold/ alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. 

The big man himself is also based at school during the trail and takes bookings to see children. This year (2023) we are introducing craft sessions at school during the trail so children can create their own lanterns before parading them around school at the end of the day as the light fades.

In the run up to the Winter Trail we sell raffle tickets and draw the raffle on the day at school. Raffle tickets are now bought online so it’s a perfect opportunity to send friends and family a link and ask them to support.

Jumble Trail (May/ June)

Residents of both the Aldersbrook and Lakehouse estates buy a ‘pitch’ for the trail and set up shop outside their house.  The PTA raises funds from the sale of pitches and inclusion on the trail map rather than through the profits raised by sellers.

5p race (May)

More competitive than you’d think, the 5p race is a hotly contested sprint to create the longest line of 5ps.  The class with the longest line wins. Start saving your 5ps early in the school year!

School Community Makeover Day (May/ June)

The school was built in 1911 and with nearly 700 children roaming the halls every day requires constant maintenance and upkeep. Families (parents, carers, children… the more the merrier) are invited to come into school on Community Makeover Day, roll their sleeves up and take on some of the jobs that have been building up throughout the year. This year (2023) we repainted the train in the KS1 playground, painted the railings in front of the EYFS classrooms and play areas, weeded the playgrounds, refreshed the planters in front of the library bus and installed a couple of buddy benches.

It’s a wonderfully social day with refreshments and food served to keep the workers fuelled.

Monthly cake sale (last Friday of every month)

All donations, bought or home baked, welcome! A cake stall in the KS1 play ground charges 50p a cake and sells out quicker than Glastonbury tickets every month.

Break the Rules Day (March)

Break the Rules Day usually falls slightly before Easter.  Children are given a list of around 10 rules they can break on the day.  They can choose as many as they like, paying 50p per rule. The rules range from wearing their own clothes to going on an ipad with a friend during a spelling test.

Summer Fair (July)

The Summer Fair is the finale to the school year and our biggest fundraising event. Both playgrounds are filled with games, stalls, giant inflatables, food and drink. Families and friends are all welcome!

Building on the success of the inaugural talent show of 2022, this year (2023) we are repeating the talent show within a festival theme; with the children’s acts our headline performers.

We have both a raffle and a silent auction at the Summer Fair which is, as at the Winter Trail, a great way to engage extended family and friends by sharing a link to the auction and ticket sales.

This is the event for which we need the most volunteers, by some way, but also the event where we raise the most funds for the school. If you only volunteer for one event, this is the one we need you for. It takes around 140 hours of volunteer time on the day to run the event (not counting the planning).

Winyl Night (vinyl, wine and dancing)

Introduced in 2023 this is the brain child of Mr (DJ) Hughes, who mans the decks with Mr Gibson. Bring your own vinyl or enjoy what we have, request tracks, have a wine (other drinks are available) and dance. The first Winyl in May 2023 was a massive success and tonnes of fun. A great chance to escape for the evening and support the school at the same time.

Quiz Night

A classic ‘pub quiz’, complete with bar. Come as a team or as individuals to be matched into teams.  A great way to meet new people and put to good use the trivia you’ve collected through the years.

Hair Raisers

Hair Raisers is a heart-warming event that brings parents together under the tutelage of a pro, to learn how to plait their child’s hair.  The first Hair Raisers was offered to Dads and male carers only and pitched at beginner level. However, we’ve extended this to all carers and introduced an intermediate level too.  

We are always happy to entertain new ideas and always always keen to hear from volunteers!