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Our Diverse Curriculum

At Aldersbrook, we have crafted a bespoke curriculum to promote equality and diversity, aiming to mirror the varied backgrounds of pupils, our local community and the global community. The aim of this approach is to create a sense of belonging and mutual respect, which is vital for both the personal and academic development of our pupils. Here are some of the key reasons why we think this is important:

  • Reflecting Our Diverse Pupil Body and Community: The curriculum is strategically designed to mirror the diverse backgrounds of our pupils, ensuring that each child can see themselves and their community represented within it.

  • Reflect Global Community: By including global perspectives, the curriculum helps our pupils  appreciate and engage with the world at large, promoting a broader understanding of different cultures and societies.

  • Instil British Values: Fundamental British values of tolerance and mutual respect are emphasised to help pupils develop a strong moral foundation and respect for others.

  • Strengthening a Sense of Belonging: Embedding equality and diversity in the curriculum enhances our pupil’s sense of belonging and identity within the school, improving their attitudes and behaviour towards education and beyond.

  • Link to SMSC: Our curriculum supports SMSC development by encouraging our pupils to explore and reflect on their spiritual, moral, social, and cultural values in a diverse context.

  • Link to Safeguarding and Behaviour Policy: Integrating these principles alongside the school's safeguarding and behaviour policies creates a safe and respectful learning environment that upholds the welfare of all pupils, promoting positive behaviour and respect for one another.

What does it look like in our curriculum?

Subject leaders have worked diligently throughout this academic year to strategically enhance diversity and equality within our core curriculum, ensuring it is more than just a symbolic change. This effort involved auditing the current curriculum, collaborating with key stakeholders and incorporating pupil and parent feedback. Initial implementations will roll out in the summer term, with a full launch planned for the start of the next academic year in September.

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