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Online Safety

Keeping Children Safe Online

Online Safety is taught in school as part of the curriculum, and is reinforced whenever children access the Internet. The use of the Internet in school is strictly filtered via county servers and the tightest security is in place at all times.

We do however, recognise that parents are the single most important resource a child has, and want to support you.  We strongly recommend that parents monitor their children’s activity on the Internet, especially as many have access to personal connected devices like phones, gaming consoles, tablets and Smartwatches.

Please as parents, carers and family members do read the information on the links below and take action to protect your children when they are online at home.

Children are gaining access to, and owning, their own devices from an ever younger age.

Devices can be great for learning and development, however parents should be aware of the content available online and the chance of your child seeing something they shouldn’t when online.

Guidance from the DfE states that children could be at risk in the following four areas:

Talking to your child about online safety

Talking to your child about online safety is essential because many of them will be using a wide range of technologies in their home environments, even before they start school. It is not always easy to know where to start the NSPCC and Childnet International have some useful advice on this matter.

A brilliant online safety resource for parents can be found on the LGFL website. Click here to find out more.


Other useful resources for parents:


Stay informed about online safety with the SWGfL podcast

SWGfL’s online safety podcast exists to help everybody with their online safety challenges and questions, as we believe that everybody should use technology free from harm.

Presented by a variety of SWGfL's online safety experts and special guests - this podcast is your one-stop-shop for internet safety news and comment.

The focus of our episodes is to advise professionals working with young people. That being said, the content will be useful for parents, carers or anybody with an interest in online safety. We don't discriminate!

In every episode, experts will discuss a topic and give you the answers to the most confusing or challenging topics in the digital world.

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For further guidance, please have a look at the documents below as well as our Online Safety Policy;