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Pupil Leadership

Learning Ambassadors

Our dedicated Learning Ambassadors play a crucial role in shaping our educational landscape, seamlessly aligning with our school's vision of "learning and leading." They actively refine our curriculum, ensuring it maintains high standards.

Embodying the spirit of learning and leadership, our ambassadors take part in learning walks, fostering a culture of collaboration. They speak with visitors, providing valuable insights into our school's curriculum. Furthermore, they amplify pupil voice by publishing a pupil newsletter, and producing their own podcasts!

In essence, our Learning Ambassadors are the embodiment of our school's vision, learning and leading.

Aldersbrook Podcast Network

Welcome to the Aldersbrook Podcast Network, where our pupils take the spotlight as the voices of our vibrant school community! Join us as we delve into the heart of Aldersbrook, exploring events, conducting insightful interviews with staff, parents, and fellow students. Our podcasts cover a spectrum of topics, from the dynamic curriculum to the pulse of daily school life. Tune in to stay connected and engaged with the diverse narratives that make Aldersbrook truly special. It's not just a podcast; it's a journey through the voices that shape our learning environment.


Dive into the vibrant world of our Pupil Newsletters, where our pupils take the lead in sharing their exciting educational journey. Through the pages of these newsletters, our pupils articulate their learning experiences, providing insights into the captivating subjects that ignite their curiosity. From lively accounts of school events to thoughtful book reviews, each newsletter is a testament to the diverse interests and talents that define our student body. Join us as we celebrate the voices of our pupils, creating a community-driven space that reflects the spirit of our school.