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The History curriculum at Aldersbrook is designed to scaffold upon the knowledge and skills that pupils have acquired previously. This approach ensures that pupils frequently revisit and refine their historical skills, applying them within various new contexts. This strategy not only deepens their understanding but also bolsters their confidence when they encounter and explore unfamiliar historical periods, diverse countries, and distinct aspects of the world. This process is pivotal in helping pupils make connections across different themes and enhances their grasp of becoming historians.

Our History curriculum is thoughtfully crafted, drawing directly from the National Curriculum to establish clear skills and objectives that progressively build upon prior learning. Teachers utilise bespoke progression documents for History, spanning EYFS to Year 6, to assess pupils' abilities, identify any gaps in learning and guarantee thorough curriculum coverage. To support this seamless progression, bespoke sequenced knowledge progression grids with clearly defined endpoints for each stage have been developed, enabling teachers to tailor instruction effectively and ensure that all pupils achieve a deep and coherent understanding of history. Furthermore, the topics within the curriculum have been carefully selected to reflect both our school's diverse community and the wider global context.

Each year group teaches three units of History