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The Geography curriculum at Aldersbrook builds on previous knowledge and skills, allowing children to revisit skills in new contexts in order to increase understanding and allow them to feel confident exploring new eras, countries or features of the world around them. The knowledge and skills that we teach are taken from the National Curriculum and allocated into year group objectives which build on previous learning and best prepare children to progress to the next step. Teachers use the progression document for Geography, which covers Year 1 to Year 6, in order to: assess children’s ability; identify gaps in learning; ensure appropriate curriculum coverage and delivery of a breadth of study to ensure children are given the best chance of progressing.

The National Curriculum splits subject content into Locational Knowledge, Place Knowledge, Human and Physical Features and Geographical Skills and Fieldwork. This is paired with our knowledge of our children and each cohort shapes the topics we use to teach the subject, Vocabulary is specifically taught, embedded in the texts and given as spelling homework which results in children being able to articulate themselves confidently.

Each year group teaches 3 units of Geography

Have a look below at our Progression in Skills for Geography