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Coronavirus Support

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Can my child walk home alone?
    If your child is in Year 6 and you have given written permission, your child can return home alone.

  • What about assemblies?
    Year group bubble assemblies will take place once a week. Until regulations are changed, we will not be holding whole school assemblies or sharing assemblies/ concerts etc.
  • Can sports/ music/ French teachers work between year group bubbles?
    Yes, government guidance allows this, with strict hand washing and usual social distancing routines in place. Some music lessons will continue with whole classes and individual lessons dependent on instrument.
  • Can I choose if my child returns to school after self isolating?
    The government has made it clear that all children are expected to return to school from September. You may risk losing your child’s place at school or being fined if they do not attend. Please come and speak to me if you are concerned.
  • Are breakfast club and after school clubs still allowed?
    Government guidance allows these to run to help people return to work. Strict hand washing and cleaning of equipment will take place to minimise risk. More information on our after school club will come over the following days. Making money is not the reason we are running this; it is genuinely to support people returning to work. Teacher run clubs will not happen over the first half term to allow the rooms to be cleaned thoroughly after school each day.