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Curriculum Progression

Here we outline how children will progress through the stages of the curriculum, diving deeper within their year group to really challenge ideas for a broader understanding for all subjects.

Horizontal Progression: Pupils build on prior knowledge and skills as they progress through an academic year. This is called horizontal progression. For example, pupils in Year One will acquire new strategies for reading as they learn more advanced skills in decoding and comprehension. Pupils in Year Three will practise division using informal jottings to using a formal written method of calculation.

Vertical Progression: Our curriculum is also strategically designed to ensure vertical progression whereby pupils build on knowledge and skills year-on-year as they move through the school. For example, pupils learning about the Iron Age in Year Three will use this knowledge to develop historical concepts needed to understand the Roman Invasion of Britain in Year Four.

Our teachers use the documents below to carefully plan sequences of lessons for each topic: