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Attachment at Aldersbrook

Aldersbrook Primary School has an attachment friendly ethos with regular staff training through PAC-UK and the Virtual Schools Head for Redbridge. 

Through consultation with parents, we have developed a strategy to support pupils who have experienced early childhood trauma and attachment difficulties.

As part of our ongoing commitment we aim to:

  • Provide annual whole staff training on attachment and trauma
  • Provide LAC/ previously LAC/adopted pupils with a ‘Designated Adult’
  • Ensure individual SMSC needs, including Mental Health provision, is available to all pupils and parents
  • Provide enriching experiences to support learning
  • Recognise the value of allowing parents to share lived experiences of supporting pupils to manage trauma
  • Meetings with parents
  • Parent consultation group for Pupil Premium Plus parents/carer

The aim of this document is to promote the understanding of attachment and trauma and extend our knowledge so that children and young people who have experienced adversity, can heal, progress, play, and learn.  We know that behaviour is a form of communication and what is deemed as an unacceptable reaction is an outcome from social, emotional and mental health difficulties.