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  • Nursery Places - Call us for a school tour

    Published 28/02/24

    We warmly invite you to book a school tour to experience first-hand what Aldersbrook has to offer. Call us today to arrange your visit: 020 8989 0210

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  • Summer Term Overviews

    Published 28/03/24

    Have a look at our overviews for the summer term below: 

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  • KS1 Maths Parent Workshop

    Published 19/03/24

    Please have a look at the slides below for today's parent workshop

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  • STEM Visitors during STEM Week

    Published 15/03/24

    STEM Week at Aldersbrook was greatly enhanced by parents and community members in STEM careers who volunteered to deliver workshops with our pupils. Their contributions brought practical STEM experiences to our pupils, strengthening community ties and making learning meaningful. Here are some photos from today: 

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  • Year 3 - Poetry Workshop

    Published 11/03/24

    Year 3 had a visit from charity New Direction’s talented wordsmiths today. Children watched some poetry performances and listened to stories, we even had a go at rapping in 3A.

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  • KS2 Maths - Parent Workshop

    Published 27/02/24

    Come along to our KS2 Maths parent workshop which will be held on Thursday 21st March. The focus will be on supporting children with the formal written methods in Maths.

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  • KS1 Maths - Parent Workshop

    Published 27/02/24

    Come along to our KS1 Maths parent workshop which will be held on Tuesday 19th March. The focus will be on supporting children with the concrete, pictorial and abstract approach in Maths.

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  • Resources for Equality & Diversity Parent Workshop

    Published 08/02/24

    Dear Parents and Carers,

    Thank you for attending this morning's Equality and Diversity workshop. Your engagement and insights are invaluable in our journey towards fostering an inclusive community. We've attached the workshop slides for your reference and further discussion. Your feedback and advice are crucial to us, so please feel free to share any questions or additional thoughts. Your contribution is making a significant difference in our collective understanding and approach to these important topics.

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    Published 06/02/24

    A big thank you to our School Games Organiser for an amazing Judo festival. Congratulations to our talented children for their outstanding performances, and a special thank you to Gemma Howell; European champion and 2x Olympian for the inspiration and special appearance.

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  • Parent Workshop - Equality & Diversity

    Published 03/02/24

    Dear parents and carers,

    We are excited to announce that we will be hosting a parent workshop next week on Thursday 8th Februaryin the KS1 hall from 8:30am - 9:00am. The focus of this session with be equality and diversity within our school and our curriculum. It will be led by our Equality and Diversity leader, Ms Brown and our curriculum leader, Mr Hussain. Have a look at the flyer for more information. We look forward to seeing you.

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  • Year 6 - WW2 Soldier Visit

    Published 30/01/24

    Our Year 6 pupils recently had the extraordinary opportunity to step back in time and engage with history in a truly unique way, as we welcomed a World War II soldier to our school. This immersive acting experience allowed them to gain a deeper understanding of the life of a soldier during the tumultuous times of World War II. They learnt about the daily challenges, bravery, and significant roles soldiers played in shaping our history. This visit was not only educational but also a memorable experience that has undoubtedly left a lasting impression on our young learners.

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  • Year 6 - WW2 at BFI Southbank

    Published 26/01/24

    In line with their learning focused on World War 2, Year 6 had the amazing opportunity to take part in an interactive event that used feature film clips and films from the BFI National Archive, such as newsreels and government information films, that showed wartime life on the Home Front on subjects such as: the Blitz, ‘digging for victory’, rationing, and evacuation. Pupils were encouraged to discuss the challenges faced during this time and took part in drama activities around the individual experience of being a wartime evacuee.

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